Sometimes I feel kinda overwhelmed but still thankful.
I mean I do feel blessed even though life is kinda rough sometimes. Its like 3 days till thanksgiving and I’m kinda sad that this awesome day is not appreciated as much as should be here in Europe.

But still I can give my thanks to all those good and bad things I went through during this year. And I totally will.

So I’m truly and deeply thankful for all my friends, for everything I achieved this year and for family I can always count on!

I bet that sometimes is so easy forget what is really important and what is life about. And it is not always about getting what you want but about getting what you need, although it might be not so obvious. But you guys should always keep on your minds that there is always someone who is thankful for having you in his/her life.

So let’s be thankful together!

Duhh, we can always be bitches the next day…

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